The Director of Education and Research-Based Education: Exploring the Tensions between Policy and What Directors Actually Report

Stephan Rapp, Mikael Segolsson, Vezir Aktas


We examine how Swedish directors of education describe the conditions under which they lead research-based education. The empirical data was collected via questionnaires that were distributed via e-mail to all Swedish directors of education in charge of primary and secondary schools. Our results are based on a ‘frame factor’ theoretical perspective.

Directors of education judge themselves as being well-prepared for the task of ensuring that research-based education is provided to the students. They envision their role as one where they read research reports, but they do not disseminate this scientific knowledge throughout schools. The directors assess teachers as having the least responsibility for ensuring that research-based education in primary- and secondary schools is provided to the students. From a cultural frame perspective, the results of the study reveal that school director considerably overestimate their ability to manage a scientific based education.


director of education, primary- and secondary school, research-based education, legal requirements, cultural frame factors

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