A Structural Equation Analysis of the Influence of Psychological Capital on Healthcare Employees’ Desirable Behaviors

Elvis Adu, Fanglin Li


Many factors influence the healthcare worker to attain job satisfaction and, on that score, a considerable amount of research has been done.  This paper innovatively investigated the factors that build and help develop the right attitude and mentality to work that has the capacity to influence the competence need of employees and job satisfaction through psychological capital. The study collected data from 231 professional health workers in Ghana. A novel Structural Equation Model was employed in examining the relationship that exist between the constructs of psychological capital, namely, (hope, self-efficacy, resilience and optimism) competence need, work engagement and job satisfaction. Results of the study revealed the existence of both direct and indirect positive relationships between the constructs of psychological capital and job satisfaction. There is a very strong relationship between resilience and competence need. Competence need satisfaction mediates between psychological capital and job satisfaction. Practical implications of the study are discussed in the study.

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