The Influence of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Business Performance: A Study of Small Hotels in Ghana.

Xuhua Hu, Adelaide Spio-Kwofie, Henry Asante Antwi


Hospitality industry has seen an expansion especially in the small accommodation business sectors recently. We augment the extant attempts to provide meaningful system for the promotion of entrepreneurial culture in an organisation to stimulate performance. Empirically, testing the validity closeness of association between entrepreneurial orientation dimensions (innovation, proactiveness, risk competitive aggressiveness and autonomy) and its relationship with business performance was done. A total of 170 respondents, randomly sampled from small hotels filled pre-designed questionnaire. Data integrity checks were conducted after which a fitted logistic regression was used to evaluate the hypothesis. Results confirm the extant literature that innovation positively correlates with business performance in the same way as proactivity is emphatically connected with business performance. Risk is absolutely associated with business performance while competitive aggressiveness and autonomy is positively associated with business performance. The implications for the hotel sector in Ghana are presented in appropriate sections of the study.


Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Orientation, Performance, Small Hotel Industry

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