Potassium fractions under different land use systems in Kachchh region of Gujarat, India

Shamsudheen Mangalassery, Devi Dayal, Sita Ram Jat


Surface and subsurface distribution of different forms of potassium was studied under thirteen land use classes in the arid region of Gujarat. The different land use classes were three prominent grasses namely Cenchrus ciliaris, Cenchrus setigerus and Lasirus sindicus, four silvipastoral systems involving neem (Azadiracta indica) and acacia (Acacia tortilis) as tree components and Cenchrus ciliaris, Cenchrus setigerus as grass species, sole plantation of Prosopis juliflora, Henna, Ber, field crops, culturable waste land and degraded land. The contents of water soluble, exchangeable, non exchangeable, total, CaCl2 extractable and Morgans K varied from 5.0 to 27.9, 56.7 to 145.9, 166.8 to 744.6, 2640.9 to 6950.3, 35.5 to 92.8 and 22.9 to 47.0 mg kg-1 respectively. The silvipastural system involving Acacia and Cenchrus ciliaris recorded the highest water soluble, exchangeable, non exchangeable, Morgans and CaCl2 K. The total K was highest in soils under the grass, L.sindicus (6950.3 mg kg-1). The degraded land recorded the lowest content of non exchangeable K, Morgans K and CaCl2 K whereas the total K was lowest in the culturable waste land.

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